LayoutTells you how to play each hole with photos & tips below.

How to play

A easy starting hole & a birdie opportunity for most golfers. This is the second easiest hole on the course. Off the tee there is OB all along the right & while there is water on the left for the first 220 yards approx. The best line is to aim in line with the IBM signage in the distance. The hole is straight & long hitters will take on the green, unless you have a headwind. The safer approach is to lay up short of the bunkers & then attack the pin. The green is protected by 2 bunkers – one on the left edge & the other on the right. There is a nice wide gap between them to attack the pin. The green is large – wide & not as deep & you need to attack the pin. Do not err by going long as recovery is tough.

HINT: A definite birdie opportunity. Be aggressive.
  • Black 337
  • White 324
  • Green (M) 307
  • Green (W) 307
  • Orange 294
  • Red 276